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Our vision

Opening the doors of investment to all

Pave the way to your financial success with Goliaths. A trading application designed to centralize all the information you need to make informed choices in your investments.
Investing involves the risk of partial or total loss of capital
Our values

All driven by the same values

Goliaths aims to become a major player in the market by offering a high quality trading platform and advanced tools to help investors make informed decisions.
One of our core values. We provide clear information about our services, business practices and performance. Transparency is essential to building and maintaining the trust of our users.
Rigor is a key value at Goliaths. We implement rigorous processes to ensure the reliability of our services, the security of transactions and the protection of our users' data.

Promising perspectives

Goliaths has been working for 2 years on its development and has built a solid growth plan with a long term vision
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+20 000 users
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Our investors

Supported by successful entrepreneurs

Our historical investors share the same values and vision as Goliaths and that is why we chose them
Goliaths is the future of investing for this new generation that learns fast and likes to share.
- Harold Gardas
Goliaths is THE solution to learn understand and invest. Start investing from 2€ on fractions of shares. Very happy to be part of this adventure.
- Gautier Allard
I really enjoyed the Goliaths project for young people who want to share their finances on the networks and learn in community.
- Vincent macé
The application is simple and fun, and to have access to a world that has always been closed to the general public is really interesting.
- Mehdi hachad
The founding team

Who is behind Goliaths?

Goliaths is backed by successful entrepreneurs and wants to change your view of investing by making it accessible and fun.
Clark Hassan
Founder & CEO
David Cohen
Founder & CTO

You don't have to be an expert to start investing

Finance should not be reserved for an elite that knows its business and speculates with our money. It must be accessible to everyone and especially to you !
Over 20,000 investors
Investing involves the risk of partial or total loss of capital
Invest in the stock market from €2
Investing involves the risk of partial or total loss of capital
As with any investment, there is a risk of capital loss. Investments can go up and down, and it is possible to get back less than the initial amount invested.

Goliaths is the trading name of CDJ Social Stocks Ltd. CDJ Social Stocks Ltd is a private limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number ΗΕ 427157.

CDJ Social Stocks (under the Goliaths trade name) is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 428/23.

CDJ Social Stocks Ltd(Goliaths) has received approval from CySEC to offer cross border services in accordance to the regulations, provision of services in EU(EEA) Member States.

The information on this site is not intended for residents of the United States and should not be distributed to, or used by, any person in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.
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