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Community Directives

1. General

- Goliaths has created an environment where people interested in trading and financial markets are empowered to interact and communicate with each other. These Community Guidelines have been created to maintain an enjoyable community for all Customers and are intended to encourage the exchange of thoughts, ideas, experiences and information.
- This document forms part of the Agreement between the Customer and Goliaths and, together with the Terms and Conditions, sets out the rules that the Customer must follow when using any of the social features of the online Platform.
- Capitalised terms used in this document shall have the same meaning as given to them in the Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires. In the event of a conflict between the rules set out in this document and the Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

2. Inappropriate use of the profile picture ("Avatar") and/or the biographical description ("Bio")

1. The Customer may NOT:
a. Publish a URL link to another website or in its Bio ;
b. Include inappropriate language and/or images in their Bio or Avatar (this includes, but is not limited to, profanity, violence, nudity, racism and the promotion of hate, abuse and self-harm);
c. Use another person's or entity's personal information/photo in their Bio/Avatar in an attempt to impersonate them or abuse the Bio/Avatar feature to create an inauthentic profile in order to misrepresent their identity or to deceive/induce others in any way.

3. Inappropriate behaviour

1. The Customer shall always interact and respond to other users of the Online Platform in a lawful, civil and respectful manner.

2. The Customer shall not use the Online Platform to engage in activities prohibited by applicable law.

3. Spamming: The Customer shall not:
a. Post or otherwise share the same information multiple times (including as standalone posts or as comments/replies to posts by other users of the Online Platform) ;
b. Publish or otherwise share irrelevant or "off-topic" information that is not related to the Goliaths community or the financial world;
c. Attempt to artificially interrupt, amplify or delete information shared on the Online Platform or deliberately attempt to disrupt the conversations of other users;
d. Publish or otherwise share technical problems that the Customer may encounter while using the Online Platform. The appropriate channel for communicating such problems is Goliaths' customer support team.

4. Misinformation: The Customer must not:
a. Misleadingly share synthetic or manipulated information that may cause harm to others (also commonly known as "fake news"), unverified information or rumours ;
b. Share misleading or false information about your Goliaths Account and/or investment capabilities, background and history.

5. Inappropriate Content: The Customer may not post or share in any way:
a. Content of a sexual or explicit nature ;
b. Harmful content that may endanger the personal information and devices of other users of the Online Platform ;
c. Content that would otherwise be considered a criminal or civil offence or illegal under applicable law;

6. Trolling: The Customer shall not deliberately incite conflict, inflict painful remarks or intentionally attempt to upset or humiliate other users of the Online Platform.

7. Threats, bullying and harassment: The Customer shall not engage in:

a. Acts of violence, nudity, profanity, racism and hate promotion, abuse and self-harm ;
b. The publication of sexually suggestive comments;
c. Bullying or threatening other users of the online platform;
d. Any other indecent or objectionable behaviour.

8. Advertising and solicitation: The Customer may not advertise or promote any other company or service, or any type of commercial content by sharing referral links or otherwise.

9. Market manipulation and insider trading: The Customer shall not share direct investment advice or recommendations to others, share information that is not publicly available, make false promises or induce others to trade for the purpose of manipulating the markets by creating volatile or other situations.

10. Respect for privacy and intellectual property rights: the client may not:‍

a. Post or share in any way any confidential or personal information of others (including but not limited to personal addresses, telephone numbers, passwords and identification information) or encourage others to engage in such activity ;
b. Violate the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights and trademarks.
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CDJ Social Stocks (under the Goliaths trade name) is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 428/23.

CDJ Social Stocks Ltd(Goliaths) has received approval from CySEC to offer cross border services in accordance to the regulations, provision of services in EU(EEA) Member States.

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